Why NOT Bó Lè?

Do you know any other executive search firm which is more excellent and that has been in the market for twenty years?

took the reins and had the ABILITY to be in the search business.

Wholly owned offices - 13 cities in Asia

Our Parent Company RGF

has 45 offices, in 26 cities
across 11 countries and markets

Better than a city guide, because we have the

network of professionals
at our fingertips.

Pool of ONE MILLION Candidates

A pool that has been built and taken care of for twenty years.
We have experts in EVERY field, from financial experts to industrial factory workers


Distribution of placements by job level

On average, how many resumes do you think are received by one of our clients for available positions?


With Bo Le, you only need to read FIVE that will be PERFECTLY suited to what you expect at your FINAL interview.

10days to present the first candidate

For 2015, every 6 minutes ONE Bó Lè candidate having the interview with client.

based on 21036 client interviews / 2,000 hour work year

Every 1hour Bó Lè Associates place a professional in a new job.

based on 1,726 successful placement /2,000 hour work year

TOP Ranking

Bó Lè Associates has been the top ranked executive search firm across Asia in particular for China and Indonesia – large localized execution teams with high conversion and completion numbers.

18,000+ Executed successful 18,000+
executive recruiting
to complete an assignment

Top-notch Client list

With 8000 clients over the past twenty years! 19.1% of them are Fortune 500 companies. 49.8% Repeat Client Ratio. We meet 100 clients, half of them are our business partners and friends; and half of them are now becoming our friends!

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