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In this role, you will foster a culture of research excellence and ensure high quality research for Beijing Representative Office in China. Working closely with our Global Science and Research (RDI) team, you will lead the peer review process for our knowledge products in China, as well as mentor staff, develop and provide training, and ensure that our strategies are evidence-based and contribute to achieving our goals.

在此职位上,您将培养卓越的研究文化,并确保北京代表处的高质量研究。 您将与我们的全球科学与研究(RDI)团队紧密合作,领导我们在中国的知识产品以及导师的同行评审过程,同样需要指导员工、开发和提供培训,并确保我们的策略基于证据,并为我们做出贡献以实现我们的目标。

All branded knowledge products are required to go through a rigorous, centralized peer review process, involving both internal and external experts, to help ensure quality, accuracy, institutional coherence, and a lack of bias in our research. measures the success of publications and data products in terms of the quality of research and its ability to drive change in the world in ways that support our mission.

所有品牌的知识产品都必须经过内部和外部专家的严格的、集中的同行评审程序,以帮助确保质量、准确性、机构一致性以及我们的研究不存在偏见。 衡量出版物和数据产品的成功,依据的是研究质量及其支持我们使命的方式推动世界变革的能力。

The successful candidate will derive satisfaction from helping others to succeed. You will have strong analytical skills, cross-disciplinary experience, management skills, and a passion for environment and development issues. You will use expert judgment to approve publications and will stand up for quality. The successful candidate must ensure sound research practices, but will be allowed to pursue her/his own research for up to 20 percent of the time (1 day/week).

成功的候选人从帮助他人获得成功中获得满足感。 您将具有很强的分析能力,跨学科经验,管理技能以及对环境和发展问题的热情。 您将使用专家的判断来批准出版物,并保证质量。 成功的候选人必须确保良好的研究实践,但将被允许有最多20%的时间(每周1天)中从事自己的研究。

This is a full-time position (or 4 days per week if the candidate wishes to pursue their own research) and has following primary functions:


    Create a strong culture of research excellence across the organization, working closely with the China Chief Representative, Deputy Country Director and the Global Research, Data & Innovation team


    Ensure that all China-branded knowledge products meet quality standards and are designed to deliver actionable results


    Strengthen China’s capacity to conduct high-quality, actionable research by providing guidance on research design, data interpretation, analytical issues, and effective writing


    Build partnerships within academia and external subject matter experts to bring in all-round perspectives within WRI China publications and research outputs



 Key Responsibilities:


 Create a strong culture of research excellence


    Ensure that the links between research and outcomes are understood by all program staff and pursued as an integral part of strategies to drive sustainable outcomes.


    Foster a learning culture where constructive criticism and candor are highly valued and staff feel empowered to speak up and discuss failures.


    Ensure organizational incentives are aligned with promoting high-quality research.



Ensure that all China-branded knowledge products meet quality standards and are designed to deliver actionable results


    Work with the China Chief Representative, Deputy Country Director and the Global Research, Data & Innovation team to oversee the peer review process for China-branded publications


    Provide feedback to authors on research design and the provision of robust evidence that is fit for key audiences—including policymakers, businesses, multilateral development organizations—and coherent with other research and publications at WRI


    Review China publications and data products to determine whether they meet WRI’s research standards and approve them for publication


    Assist research staff in identifying external experts who can provide objective, relevant reviews of drafts


    Liaise with Communications and the Data Lab at Global to ensure that data platforms and data products comply with developing data ethics standards, in addition to supporting commitment to Open Data.


 Strengthen China’s capacity to conduct high-quality actionable research


    Manage the China RDI team/working groups and provide support to program staff on how to produce high-quality work, including research design, data interpretation, analytical issues, and effective writing


    Identify skills gaps and contribute to the development of RDI research training modules to address those gaps


    Create a regular series of early research seminars to provide early feedback to researchers, connect the dots across programs, and foster a culture of openness to feedback


    Participate in training of research-focused staff by providing support to staff on research design, data interpretation, analytical issues, and effective writing


    Provide feedback on research components of fundraising proposals






    Master's degree (Ph.D. preferred) in a discipline related to environment or development, with strong methodological skills in social sciences, natural sciences, urban planning or related fields. An economics degree is a plus. Minimum of ten years of experience in conducting policy research related to environment and/or development and at least five-years overseeing junior researchers


    Proven track record of conducting and overseeing research that translates into policy and practice. 


    Track record of producing and overseeing high-quality research


    Strong strategic thinking, planning, and management skills


    Demonstrated knowledge of specific research methods, quantitative or qualitative, and ability to communicate those methods clearly to diverse colleagues


    Sound judgment and the ability to uphold high quality standards. Strong sense of skepticism and the ability to diagnose and articulate weaknesses in research


    Demonstrated ability to mentor staff, give constructive feedback and clearly explain the reasoning behind decisions


    Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work in a fast-paced environment in a collegial fashion as part of a small, collaborative team


    International experience strongly preferred


    Natural curiosity and interest in keeping current with the latest science and policies relevant to WRI China’s work


    Native speaker of Mandarin, good knowledge of English. Excellent writing skills in both languages


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